The No-Joe’s Challenge

When I moved to Seattle and started dating Chops, it wasn’t long before he convinced me to stop shopping at Trader Joe’s. “They prepackage everything,” he told me. “Despite their wholesome image, they’re not that good for the environment.” So the next week, I took the No-Joe’s Challenge. I went to fruit stands for my fruit, a farmer’s market for vegetables. I went to The Creamery in Pike Place Market for my milk and eggs, and to Bob’s Butcher Shop in Columbia City for my meat. It a lot of running around, but at the end of the day, I had gotten to spend a beautiful afternoon roaming around the city. The No-Joe’s Challenge had worked! It wasn’t long before I signed up as an owner at the Madison Market Co-op, and my apples come wrapped in plastic no more.

Part of what makes shopping at the co-op and other local markets interesting is that they aim to carry edible food items that meet the standards for all sorts of dietary restrictions. I don’t fall under any the categories of vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, Paleo, etc, but a lot of people who shop there do. A lot of times I find myself wandering around, wondering what in the world people do with all these foods. Quite frankly, it’s time to find out.

This is a blog about cooking with weird food. Each post will feature a different food item that I’ve never cooked with before. I’ll make a dish with it, make commentary on the taste, and do my best not to kill either Chops or myself in the process.

Here’s to open minds and open mouths!


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